Potato Allergy

Curing Potato Allergy in Few Simple Steps

Food allergy is emerging to be a common problem. Many of us are allergic to different food items, some may be allergic to different kind of fruits or vegetables. One of such problem is potato allergy. Could anyone think that potato can even cause allergy. It is the most common vegetable available in the kitchen and is most eaten by many families.

It is said that food allergy happens when a person grows older; he or she becomes sensitized to different foods and start developing allergy symptoms towards specific foods. If the person is already allergic to some particular food then he or she might quickly get infected to it.

Potato belongs to solanaceae family, also known as nightshades, which results into allergy when the protein present in potato reacts adversely with the immune system of the body. Potato allergy mainly causes oral and digestion related problems.

There is a long list of the symptoms of potato allergy. Some of its symptoms are like Wheezing, Skin blisters, Oozing from the blisters, Skin discoloration, Red rashes on skin, Scabs on the skin, Abdominal cramps, Bloating nose, Nausea. Some of its common problems are Sneezing, Running nose, Nasal congestion, Headache, Watering from the eyes, Red eyes, Cough and Diarrhoea. Beside these symptoms, potato can cause severe problems like serious heart attack and breathing problem.
In case of potato allergy, there occurs oral discomfort which starts with itching on mouth, tongue, lips which gradually reaches to the eyes and skin. If the body immune doesn’t support the potato allergen it may decrease the blood pressure. And a swelling on the throat can be noticed that blocks the passage creating a breathing problem.

People who are allergic to potato should avoid vegetables that are quiet sensitive for them. Veggies and fruits like Tomato, Eggplant, Cherry, Melon, Paprika, Red pepper, Chilly should be avoided. And say a big NO to potato.
There are some natural remedies for people who are prone to potato allergy. Try eating lots of food enriched in vitamin A, carrot will be the best choice. A cup of ginger tea with a teaspoon of lemon stir in it will help a lot. As this allergy causes skin problems like rashes it can be cured by applying aloe vera and vitamin E oil on it. Use of tea bags on the swollen lips will give you a relief. Message your head with Primrose oil it will give you a relief from headache.

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