Banana Allergy

An allergy for any food type is commonly caused by an allergic reaction to certain proteins. Those people who suffer from an allergic reaction to a banana are not allergic to the banana itself, but rather the proteins found in a banana. The protein that can be attributed to banana allergy cases is referred to as chitinase, which causes the immune system of its victims to react negatively. This protein also occurs in avocados and kiwi fruit, which makes it possible for people allergic to bananas, to experience similar symptoms after consuming those types of food stuffs.

This allergy type is not a very common disorder. A majority of people who claim to be allergic to bananas will instead possess an intolerance for the fruit. The reason for the intolerance is often caused by a sensitize digestive system, which cannot digest certain banana amines.

Banana Allergy Symptoms

An allergic reaction to a banana will often occur immediately after consuming the fruit. Here are some of the common symptoms you can expect to witness:

  • An Itching Mouth: victims will often complain of an itching sensation in the mouth area, such as the tongue, lips and throat. This itching sensation may also spread to the skin and eyes. Patients are encouraged to discuss any additional allergies they may have with their doctor, in order to get a more accurate diagnosis.
  • Swelling: the itchy feeling that victims get is also accompanied with some swelling in those affected areas. A more extreme reaction would be the creation of hives, a red rash or welts on the skin. In some cases, patients have experienced severe swelling in their face and eyes, leading to a lot of pain and difficulty in seeing.
  • Difficulty in breathing: an allergic reaction can lead to the inflammation and constriction of the airways, making it difficult to breathe. It may also make it difficult for a victim to swallow food.
  • Shock: in some cases, an allergic reaction could induce the immune system to reduce blood pressure, which leads to a lower blood oxygen level and ultimately shock.
  • Abdominal pain: cramps and stomach pains are some of the common symptoms of banana allergies, will occur immediately after ingestion. It some extreme cases, patients might experience diarrhea or bouts of vomiting.

Banana allergies are quite rare, but people who are prone to them should exercise some amount of caution, so as not to consume the wrong kind of foods.

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