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Crustacean Allergy

Belonging to arthropod family, crustacean is among most commonly used sea foods. Divided into six sub groups, it contains more than 44000 species that are used extensively or less extensively. Crab, crayfish and lobster are among those Crustacean family members that are more likely to be eaten by the human beings. Crustacean allergy can cause wide range of problems. From itching and swelling of lips, mouth, throat and tongue, the crustacean allergy can cause problem up to difficulty in breathing, dropping of blood pressure and even death.

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Hitch allergy

Shellfish Allergy

 If you have seen the Movie ‘Hitch’ starring Will Smith, you would have gone across the scene where he had his face almost bursting out because he got allergic reactions. His eyes, lips, and ears were swollen and his face really looked horrible! That scene was indeed funny but in real life, it’s the worst experience you can ever experience. If that happens to you, you’ll never want to go out of your bedroom. Aside from the swollen face, there’s this very discomforting and painful feeling that most people wouldn’t be able to bear. It might have not happened to you yet. But it could be…

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Shellfish allergy

The Seafood allergy is a kind of food allergy. It is a hypersensitivity to the dietary substances like the shellfish, scaly fish or crustaceans. The consumption of this kind of food may result in causing overreaction of the immune system of many individual and this in turn may lead to severe physical symptoms. According to the survey of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America it was estimated that majority of the pediatric and the adult food allergy patients have a seafood allergy.  The adults are mostly affected by it.

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