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Food allergies symptoms

When a person has an allergic attack to food, their bodies are pumping out antibodies to kill off what their immune system believes is a bad invader, ranked equally to that of a toxin, bacteria or virus. Their body reacts further by releasing histamines which cause a number of noticeable symptoms, some of which can be life-threatening. However, not everyone develops food allergies at a young age, as some appear later in life. Some people may have no idea that they are having a reaction and live with mild symptoms for years. Others might be so ill that without emergency care, they could die. Therefore, everyone who has symptoms of food allergies should consult with their doctors for testing, and if those symptoms are severe, get to an emergency room ASAP. However, not everyone gets all of the symptoms with the same severity.

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Food allergies

Food allergies are usually exaggerated types of immune system responses that are triggered by specific foods. Normally, the immune system works to defend the body against possibly harmful types of substances, toxins, viruses and bacteria. However, some people have defence reactions against certain foods, causing the body to produce immunoglobulin type antibodies to fight off the alleged invader. Though many have intolerances towards foods, food type allergies are not as common. In fact, a genuine food allergy also produces histamines that cause the body to react quickly to the allergen (s).

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Shellfish allergy

The Seafood allergy is a kind of food allergy. It is a hypersensitivity to the dietary substances like the shellfish, scaly fish or crustaceans. The consumption of this kind of food may result in causing overreaction of the immune system of many individual and this in turn may lead to severe physical symptoms. According to the survey of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America it was estimated that majority of the pediatric and the adult food allergy patients have a seafood allergy.  The adults are mostly affected by it.

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