Solanaceae Allergy

Solanaceae, also known as nightshade or potato family, is a family of flowering plants and agriculture crops. Food, spice and medicine are produced by this family in a large quantity; therefore, human beings used them extensively. Potato, tomato, eggplant, chili pepper, paprika, wolfberry and tomatillo, are a few family members of solanaceae family of foods. Rich in toxicity and alkaloid, this family can disturb human beings and animals from mildly irritating to fatal results. Solanaceae allergy can reach from annoying someone to life threats.

This 2800 species family is mostly concentrated in the tropical region of Latin America. People with little sensitivity to solanaceae allergy may coupe with it in a day or two, but people having high sensitivity graph may end up in an emergency room of a well known hospital. Therefore people feeling any sort of nightshade allergy should be careful in selection of their food items. A pre-emptive cure from solanaceae allergy is avoidance from the food items that cause harm to anyone prone to it. A person, for instance, who feel nightshade allergy from tomatoes, should simply avoid it. Normally restaurants serve tomatoes in salads and other different items of food.

The simple one can do just put forward the restaurant authorities “no tomatoes”. Always be careful that you have an allergy from tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes don’t create any sort of problem unless they are in small pieces. Anything that is labeled Italian is usually very harmful for solanaceae allergy stricken people. Pasta, soups, sauces, and salad dressing are not favorable for the people having problem from the nightshade family of food. French fries are something that also is restricted from eating. Some people are so sensitive to potatoes that anything that is deeply fried can make them ill. Starch, also, is used as additives in many food items and potato is a rich and economically viable source of this. Don’t eat any anything labeled as having starch in it. Eggplant is something that is not hidden in food items. Not only for people who are having solanaceae allergy tobacco is very harmful but also for the other people, it is not a healthy activity to chew or smoke tobacco. The best advice for a person that is having the problem from nightshade family is preparation of their own food or they should develop a habit to read the labels of the food items.

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