Sorbitol allergy symptoms

Diabetics and weight watchers are known to consume foods that are mostly sugar-free and when you eat sugar free foods, you are also consuming a product called Sorbitol, a sugar substitute that is used in these products. Sorbitol also goes by the name glucitol and it is a sugar alcohol that is metabolized by the body by reducing the glucose level found in the body. As a sugar substitute, it is listed as an inactive ingredient found in a number of artificial food products.

Sorbitol is known to provide the body with 2.4 kilocals/gm of dietary energy; therefore, it is referred to as a nutritive sweetener. Although used as a sugar alternative, Sorbitol is found in stone fruits and some berries that come from trees in the genus Sorbus family.

However, while Sorbitol is used as a sugar substitute, persons have been known to suffer from Sorbitol allergies due to excessive intake of the product. Therefore, by reading this article you will learn of some of the side effects associated with Sorbitol allergy.

First, you should know that Sorbitol is found in quite a number of chewing gums and sweets due to the fact that it has less calories and is less likely to cause dental issues; therefore, it is very easy for you to intake too much of this product and the consumption of too much Sorbitol can lead to a number a food intolerance and allergic reactions.

Some Sorbitol Allergy Symptoms

Due to the fact that the symptoms attributed to Sorbitol are also symptoms experienced by other illnesses, it is often hard to single out the symptoms as Sorbitol allergy. However, if you experience any of the following symptoms do not bypass them as nothing; consult your doctor because you just might have Sorbitol allergies.

  • The most popular Sorbitol allergy symptoms include: abdominal cramps, diarrhea, nausea, pain, gas production, and increased intestinal sounds.
  • If you know what the symptoms of bowel disease are, then you know what some other Sorbitol allergy symptoms are because some of these symptoms match that disease. Irritable bowel symptoms in 70% of patients are some times said to be attributed to Sorbitol allergy.
  • Sorbitol allergy symptoms in diabetics is said to include eye and nerve damage.

In order for you to get over these symptoms, it is very important that you stay away from foods that use Sorbitol as a sugar substitute. Therefore, you need to stay away from foods that their ingredients list honey, fructose, Sorbitol, and crystalline fructose on the labelling.

If you think you might be allergic to Sorbitol, visit your doctor to have it confirmed or denied.

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