Repairvite is a leaky gut repair program to heal leaky gut syndrome. This is otherwise known as intestinal permeability which can cause IBS, and many other things, even ADD/ADHD.

Apex Energetics Repairvite is an essential nutrition program to support intestinal health. Let us get to understand the digestive tract. Once food is eaten, the digestive system releases enzymes to break down food into smaller particles that we absorb nutrition from. In leaky gut syndrome, there is more room than the amount needed just for these particles to be absorbed. This is increased permeability than what is needed. This is then called leaky gut syndrome. This can lead to a bloated feeling, systemic inflammation, skin rashes, and so on.

The Repairvite diet requires a strict dietary program to repair the intestinal membranes. The restrictions are not caloric, but you can only eat from a list of allowed foods. The goal of this is to allow the healing of the intestinal membranes though. Also, it is to provide nutrients for the intestinal microflora, too. The diet is to avoid high sugar and carbohydrates which promote overgrowth of yeast in the intestine. Also, you will be avoiding inflammatory lectins and alcohol which destroys the intestinal membranes.

You are allowed to eat high fiber items, such as low glycemic fruits and vegetables and eat foods with essential fatty acids such as olives, olive oil and fish.

Do not fast during this diet; instead, eat to maintain good blood sugar levels. If you do fast, it may raise cortisol levels which compromise the intestinal mucosa. Never be hungry during the Repairvite program, instead, be sure to keep some food going in to prevent hunger, but make sure that it is on the allowed list of foods. Fermented foods are also another good food to improve the health of the intestinal microflora.

Do not eat the foods on the restricted list, even small bites of this may cause reactions which can last for days and affect the outcome of the diet that you are on. You must stay hydrated and drink plenty of water with the Repairvite program to keep the bowels moving, especially with more fiber than you are used to.

The first days of this diet can be difficult as you have food cravings for things on the restricted list, but do not eat the restricted foods as the inflammation may come back. You also need to spend more time to prepare meals and pre-plan them. A good hint is to pre-plan your meals for the next day, so you do not have to do this every morning.

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