Tomatillo Allergy

Tomatillos along with a few other plants such as belladonna, mandrake, tamarios, pimentos, garden huckleberry, pepinos, ground cherries, and Morning Glory comes from plants known as nightshade plants and are also some things that some individuals have to stay away from. Why you ask? Well for one, these plants, like some animals have developed a form of self protection against their natural predators such as insects, preventing them from eating them. As a way of protecting themselves, they produce a very toxic substance; however, they are not as harmful to humans as they are to insects.

However, to some individuals they might cause an allergic reaction known as tomatillo allergies. Therefore, if you are one of these persons, it is crucial that you know what plants are considered nightshade plants in order for you to keep away from them. With that said, you should know that there are four kinds of alkaloids that the nightshade plants produce. They are: tropane alkaloids, steroid alkaloids, indole alkaloids, and pyrrolizidine alkaloids. If you are allergic to plants that contain any of these alkaloids then some overall health problems that you might encounter are: digestive problems. Joint or nervous system disorders, loss of calcium in the bones, you might also experience increased calcium in the soft tissues along with a bunch of other, not detrimental but serious health issues.

Hence, why some people are sensitive to the nightshade plants; they consume the alkaloids that are produced by the plant to keep their enemies away. The poison that the plants produce to keep the insects away are consumed by humans when we eat the plants as well and the only reason why it does not kill us too (although it can if persons allergic to it does not get the proper treatment immediately) is because we are higher on the food chain; thus our bodies are made to withstand certain things.

While some people may be intolerable to certain foods where they experience certain uncomfortable reactions, a true tomatillo allergic reaction will cause you to experience symptoms such as itching and swelling around the mouth, diarrhea, hives, skin rashes, and makes it hard for you to breathe. If after consuming a nightshade vegetable, you experience any of these symptoms, take note of them and stay away from nightshade plants.
However, it is very rare that someone experiences true tomatillos allergy and the allergic reaction is caused by a histamine reaction to a protein that is found in the seed, juice, and skin of the tomatillo.

Now that you know about tomatillo allergy, remember that you need to stay very far from them, if you experience any of the symptoms stated.

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