Pineapple Allergy Symptoms

The Many Symptoms of Pineapple Allergy

Allergy is an immune reaction of humans toward a certain substance that might cause a slight discomfort or even turn lethal. The range of reaction due to allergy attacks depend on the immune system of an individual but the response towards the allergy would not necessarily be harmful unless it is aggravated by additional elements. Common food allergies are often caused by nuts, milk, egg, shellfish, soya and wheat however; there are people whom are allergic towards fruits as well.

Pineapple allergy symptoms can be an uncomfortable situation faced by either eating the flesh or even touching the fruit’s skin. It is imperative that a person suffering from the allergy is aware of the condition as to avoid such circumstances or to be able to find for a medical solution if the situation persists. The tricky state of experiencing pineapple allergy is that it the situation may not be evident at first as the traces of pineapple might not be obvious in the food consumed however once the symptoms are obvious measures have to be taken.
Some of the few pineapple allergy symptoms that you may face if you are indeed sensitive to the fruit would be skin rashes, vomiting, diarrhea or constipations. Although these are indeed familiar signs of allergies, you may be experiencing these symptoms soon after consuming or touching pineapple which would make it clear that you are allergic to the particular fruit.

Skin rashes occur with a more subtle manner to indicate if it is truly an allergic reaction towards pineapple as it would start off with a light pink colored rash which would itch or turn into swelling. Vomiting and diarrhea would a slight more of an indication of allergy as the body is signaling to the system that it has toxic substances to be rid of. Constipation might also occur because the fruit is not an element that the body agrees with which is its natural way to say that it cannot process.

Severe pineapple allergy symptoms on the other hand are such as breathing difficulty, cramps and anaphylaxis. When an individual is extremely allergic to pineapple, the body system would alert it and this would automatically cause the respiratory system to swell up and thus the breathing difficulty. The condition of when the reactions are highly sensitive would cause the sufferer hard to breathe naturally. Cramps can also ensue when the food is ingested and this would make the sufferer very much uncomfortable but this symptom would subside within several minutes or hours depending on the situation. Anaphylaxis is the pineapple allergy symptoms of when the situation is at a dangerous state of which swelling occurs extremely in the regions of the face, throat and ears that could result in shock and death without immediate medical attention.

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