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Gluten Free Cooking

Trying to cook and create meals that are gluten –free are challenging from the outset. There is no ‘easing into the routine of living without gluten’ for those that suffer from an allergy to it. If your health is to remain optimum and your day to day means not having an adverse immune reaction to something that you’ve eaten, then a gluten-free diet and alteration to the foods that you have on hand within your home have to be instantly changed. Let us start with your home and what we would expect to find in the pantry of a person living with gluten intolerance.

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Gluten Free Bread

You or your child has just been diagnosed with an allergy to glutens. These are proteins found in grass seeds such as wheat, barley and rye. In considering all that you eat, and in looking closer at the labels featuring the ingredients of these great foods that have formed the staple of your family’s diet, you see that they all have gluten within. The initial response for anyone that has an allergy is the feeling of being overwhelmed. What do to and how to do it?

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