Quinoa allergy

Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) is one of the oldest cultivated by mankind. It serves the natives of the South American Andes since 6000 years ago as an important food source. The plant is not included in the grass family, but to the goosefoot. Botanically quinoa is more akin to spinach, chard and beetroot. Used to find the seeds of the quinoa, but also the leaves can be prepared as a vegetable – what the Andean people still frequent..

Quinoa it’s not hard to find, although there – do some pick up in most health food or organic food shops in North America can. which is great to quinoa, is that it really is high in protein have – in fact it is about 12-18% protein. it’s also got a lot of essential amino acids and fiber, making it a pretty perfect food.

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You can cook quinoa how much you cook rice – add twice as much water with the quinoa in a pot, take it to a boil, cook for 15 minutes or so and voila … you have to serve a healthy grain as a supplement or use in your entree.

Because of its high nutritional levels of proteins, minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Zinc, and vitamins it is very popular in all kind of diets especially with a gluten allergy and those with celiac disease.

Vegetarians just adore quinoa in many ways as a cornflakes, as a spaghetti, cookies, flower etc.

On the other hand a few of people report becoming sick after eating quinoa, usually after consuming it for some time.

The most likely problem for allergy reaction is a saponin in quinoa that protects it from insect and fungal attack. This is a soapy substance and can be easily washed out of the quinoa cereal. This saponin substance has a bitter taste, and usually causes only minor toxic effects.

It is very important that you wash quinoa very thorough and carefully as it has the bitter taste and possible toxicity. Good washing will wash this harmful saponin from quinoa out before you cook it.


You can put it into a mesh to trap all the seeds. Then run it under the tap, shaking the sieve gently from side to side, until the water runs clear. That is it

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