Soy allergy

Over the last few years food allergies have been on the rise in both children and adults. There are so many variations of food allergies from milk, peanut, tree nut, gluten and soy. We will take some time to explain the soy allergy and how to deal with this. It does not matter what the allergy is, they are all scary since we do not know exactly how our bodies will react if we ingest it. Let us help ease that panic and help you breathe a little easier.

What is it?

A soy allergy can make eating out a difficult task. There are soy based products all over, from soy buns to soy burgers, soy can be hidden in food that you normally would not recognize. Whether it is French fries, ice cream, cheese or almost all breads, soy is really everywhere. The most important thing is that you are aware of what contains soy if you are allergic. Doing your own research is very important.

Reaction from it?

As with most food allergies the worst reaction is anaphylaxis, which is when a person air passage closes up and they are unable to breath. The only real way to help this is by giving shots of epinephrine to avert the reaction. Being unable to breath, as we all know, is not the best and needs to be dealt with immediately with a doctor.  Other reactions like rashes and red eyes and such are possible, but the anaphylaxis is the worst case scenario.


Treating a soy food allergy is easy to maintain. There will be diet restrictions and you might be surprised by just how much. Unfortunately there is no requirement that companies have to list Soy under product information. The biggest thing here is to read labels. You must know that it will take a while the first few times you go shopping, but once you go and get used to it, it will be a breeze.

Do not feel frustrated or discouraged because you have a food allergy. Realize that you are one among millions of people that have food allergies and you are not alone. The best thing you can do for you and your health is get educated in every way you can.