Pasta allergy

Discover to the foods that can create a Pasta allergy

People now and then are heard complaining about their allergy problems. A food allergy seems to be an ever-increasing health problem across the world. The fact about various food allergies is that many are not act as an allergy, but the body has developed certain intolerance towards that food. Pasta allergy is one of them.  Well, it is surprising to listen upon hearing about the “pasta allergy”. It is said that about 90% of public including kids love pasta dishes, but the remaining 10% just runs away by hearing the pasta name.

Discovering Pasta Allergy
Wheat is a primary ingredient in pasta, so the symptoms mirror to those people who suffer from wheat allergy. Like most of the food allergies, this allergy starts showing from early childhood, there is always a possibility that the acuteness is lessened or disappear by adulthood.

Pasta may be a simple food for many, but comes with high allergic substances like gluten, wheat and eggs. In fact, these ingredients are the most common allergens from which people suffer from.

Causes and Risk Factors
In most of the cases, the person’s immune system has over-reacted to the foreign bodies due to occurrence of pasta allergy. Pasta allergy risks are from minimal to severe depending upon the person’s immunity.  As of now; there has been no definite cure found pertaining to this allergy. However; with appropriate medications and eating allergy free pasta could be problem solving for the time being.

Allergy Symptoms
Depending upon the pasta allergy’s severity, symptoms vary from one person to another. You might be able to notice the symptoms immediately, or might take many days to appear. Common reactions observed are digestive pain, eczema, gastric problems etc.  The severe symptoms like Hives- which is commonly known as urticarial. This symptom is seen on the face, lips, back and hips. Hives causes skin irritation and scratching makes them worse. Another one is Anaphylaxis that spreads very rapidly in the skin causing swelling in the throat, breathing problem, rapid pulse and dizziness. This kind of medical condition requires immediate attention.

For those, who gets minor reactions can simply avoid eating pasta or go for allergy free pasta. There are many manufacturers today, who offer gluten and wheat free pasta.

In severe cases, the doctor would first want to know your medical history, in case if any of your family members are suffering from allergy of pasta. Under what other circumstances the body shows reactions etc.  Usually, the procedure and tests to diagnose the allergy cause include various skin tests, elimination diet tests and blood tests. Once the doctor discovers the cause of your allergy from pasta, you are just one step closer to begin the required treatment.

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