Dairy Free Recipes

Thanks to the input from many of our readers, we have an ever increasing section filled to capacity with some very delicious recipes, but there is always room for more, so keep sending them in! If you have any recipes that are free of diary products, please send them to us and we’ll be more than happy to include them in with all of the other recipes that are continuously pouring in. As well, we have an alternative section in which you’ll find equally fantastic recipes for dairy dishes too.

We would ask that when you do dispatch your recipes to us that you utilize the headers listed below to catagorize your recipe and make it just a little easier for us to know where to place it in the recipe publication. When you send in your recipes, just keep the additional items in perspective too:

  • Vegetarian meals (no eggs, honey or meat included)

  • Egg free meals (which unlike Vegetarian meals can have honey products, seafood and or meat)

  • Gluten-free (must have absolutely no cereals that have gluten content in them)

  • Wheat free (this recipe is one in which as standard oats are contained into the recipe)

It is our intention that each of the recipes that you find here are dairy free. None the less, the onus is still upon the consumer to ensure that the ingredients utilized in each of the recipes featured has no gluten materials. Bear in mind, always, that there is the possibility that in the course of the production of the foods used in the manufacturing process that milk ingredients may become cross contaminated and that a list of ingredients may be changed at any point.

There is no need at all to feel overwhelmed when you’ve decided to switch to a diet that is free of dairy or find yourself in the position that you absolutely have to manage your diet better. There are plenty of resources available to help you get through your day, and in fact, we have listed here some ideas that you may find helpful in following through with that commitment to switch.

  1. Educate yourself as to the kinds of ingredients that are dairy based when analysing the labels on food products. There are an abundance of food products in which ‘hidden’ dairy derivatives, which makes the interpretation of labels an arduous, confusing and irritating experience. Look for catch words such as ‘vegan’, ‘pareve’, and of course, ‘dairy free’ when seeking out your ideal products. Alternatively, foods that are said to be ‘non-dairy’ still do in fact have ingredients that are by products of dairy and that have milk proteins.

  2. Cooking your dairy free meals will be a lot easier once you’ve completely filled your cupboards with the requisite dairy free products needed. Find a grocer or even an online dairy free grocer and you’ll never be in a position of having to run all over the countryside, seeking out the products needed in order to make the perfect, delicious meal.

  3. Locate and stock up your cupboards with dairy alternatives when you are preparing recipes or doing some baking. They’re out there and you can find them in your local grocery store.

  4. Remember to expand, innovate and be adventurous in your cooking experience. Try out the many recipes that we have here and try anything from the various ethic recipes or use the differing methods of cooking to streamline your meal preparation and you’ll come to see that possibilities are bigger rather than smaller.

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