Wheat Free Recipes

Of course, concern, anxiety and even panic could set in when anyone hosting a dinner learns that a person with Celiac disease is among the guest list. What to do, what to make, how to make it and where to find the information and foods needed. For those that have never experienced the disease and have no food allergies themselves, facing the task of creating something for those that do can be an overwhelming experience. In reality though, the need for panic and anxiety is redundant. In preparing any meal, a few minor and very easy alterations to the preparation and ingredient list will help to complete the task. Your meal may , in fact, taste the same if not even better than their gluten counterparts. Here, within these pages you’ll find recipes that will see the meal through from starters to several delicious meals to sinful desserts.

Just stop to consider first the meals that you make and analyze the ingredient list. What you’re seeking out in the label analysis is those that contain dairy products and gluten. Eliminate them and you have the requisites for a meal fit for a king and they’re gluten free. There really is no large effort or gargantuan task to making meals gluten free. It doesn’t have to be an immediate and contrasting experience in making a meal that differs from the one previous. Try something simple to start with, such as a portion of the bread used in your sandwiches or stop consuming the standard meals for breakfast such as waffles, pancakes and toast and work your way up the elimination ladder. Remember, there are alternatives to the meals that you are eating now and they will make your meals just as delicious, if not better than they are now.

Now that you’ve taken the gluten out, it is time to replace it with some alternatives. Just taking the gluten out of your meal, you will have created, de facto, a carbohydrate free diet in lieu of and those, we are all more than largely aware, are not feasible in the least. What you take out of your meal has to be replaced, but with what? Well, try these delicious and safe alternatives when making your gluten free meals:

  • Products with the distinctive labelling that identifies them as being gluten free, and

  • Sweet Potatoes, and

  • Rice flour (for which you can create meals like rice tortillas, for example)

  • Brown rice, and

  • Vegetables like pinto beans, black beans and the like, and

  • Quinoa

Remember, there are alternatives and creating the gluten free diet isn’t as large and daunting as you think!

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