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When any parent dispatches their children to school, a child that has an intolerance to gluten based products, the biggest fear ever sweeps across their senses: will my child eat something given to him that has gluten? It follows thus that communication between parent and the school is absolutely paramount and lucid when dealing with your child’s allergies and intolerances to certain foods.

Below, you’ll find the outline of a basic letter form that you can write to the school that your child attends explaining your child’s aversion to gluten, and a basic list containing some, but not all, kinds of foods that can be eaten. Try this:
“To whom it may concern;
My son, ———————————-, attends your school and is located in teacher Mrs. ……………………. ‘s class. Please be advised that ————————– suffers from a gluten intolerance (also known as Celiac disease) and therefore in an effort to avoid a negative reaction and possible hospital visit, it is imperative that no unauthorized foods be given to
him as part of his lunch or snack.

Within his back pack you’ll find the following items that he can have for his lunch and as part of his afternoon snack in lieu of what foods you have available:

  • 1 ziplock bag of fresh vegetables,
  • 1 ziplock bag of gluten free cookies,
  • 1 jello pudding,
  • 1 can of pepsi cola beverage,
  • 1 ziplock bag with gluten free peanut butter and jam sandwich.

He it is imperative that he not have any foods at all that you serve at your school and that he consume foods included in his back pack only.

Thank you very much for your help and cooperation. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at home or at my work, which are the telephone numbers listed below.



Of course the list provided for safe foods isn’t exhaustive, it forms part of the suggested gluten free foods and beverages that your child can consume and the letter draws especial attention to the imperative that no foods provided by the school be given. Also, you can include in your child’s lunch several other products and bear in mind, this is not limited to the following items and isn’t an exhaustive list:

  • Gluten free candy,
  • Sandwich meats,
  • Annie’s Natural Salad Dressings,
  • Potatoes,
  • Lay’s Stax Chips,
  • Oreida French Fries,
  • Doritos Rollitos,
  • Cascadien Farms Spud Puppies,
  • Lay’s Potato chips, ruffles or plain,
  • Noodles with potato pasta or rice,
  • Vlassic Pickles,
  • Oscar Meyer Beef Hot Dogs.

With careful management and constant, lucid communication between you and your child’s school, gluten reactions can be avoided. As well, it never hurts to educate your child as to his issues with gluten and educating him to be aware of what he eats and what he must never eat. Communication isn’t limited to simply the school and parent!

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