Allergies treatment

With spring and summer comes the dreaded allergy season and many flock to their doctors or to the pharmacy in search of the idea means to fight the onset and the symptoms of allergies.  There are many suggestions in which you can employ in your effort to reduce the risk of developing your allergy symptoms.

Within your own home, it is suggested that a regular cleaning of your furnace and changing of the filters will substantially reduce pollens and allergens from circulating in the air.  As well, be mindful of the weather!  Windy days warrant a closed door or window so as not to permit any pollen from entering into your otherwise clean environment.  At certain times of the day, such as the morning when the peak of pollen counts is reached, again, windows closed and a mask employed to prevent the ingestion of pollens when dusting or cleaning out the house.  The focus is not only on maintaining a pollen free home but the source of pollens as well.  Garbage, plants, and animals that produce dander are some to mention and some to rid the house of.  Wrap your mattresses in a barrier type cloth and replacing wool blankets and feather pillows with cotton sheets in its stead which you should wash at least once per week in hot water set to temperatures of 130 degrees Fahrenheit.  When and if you encounter pest issues like mites or mice and have to deal with the droppings left behind, the usage of a good furnace filter, facemask,  a tannic solution which eradicates the allergen in droppings left by mites,  and the chemical known as acaricide which is an effective chemical solution used to kill dust mites found in the home will control, if not eradicate the problems associated with these pests.

As a measure of last resort, when the above mentioned tips just don’t quite control or eliminate the problems associated with allergy symptoms, medications can be considered.  There are several allergy medications available on the market.  Following are some of the medications you can consider when dealing with problematic allergies.

To deal with congestion owing to allergies, a good spray decongestant  such as  Afrin which contains oxymetazoline,  and Vicks Sinex medication which has phenlephrine are a couple to mention.  Your pharmacists and/or physician may recommend other brands as well as it relates to the scope of the allergy.  Recommended oral medications to deal with congestion like Sudafed which has pseudoephedrine and the interactive combination of analgesics and decongestants will mitigate the issues of congestion.

For the best approach to medications to eliminate the issues surrounding congestion owing to allergies, again, consultation with your pharmacist or in extreme cases, your physician will direct you to the best medications to suit your needs.

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