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What is durian

Some people may not know what durian is. Well to clear things up it is a fruit. It belongs to several tree species and its genus is Durio and the Malvaceae family. However some taxonomists place the Durio in a separate family, Durionaceae. In South East Asia it is commonly known as “The King of Fruits”. With its unique odour and relatively large size accompanied with a tough thorn-covered husk it is an easy fruit to distinguish. Durian is actually an Indonesian word meaning “thorny” which goes hand in hand with its appearance. It is infamous for its weird foul smell. The fruit can grow up to 30cm long and over 15cm in diameter at its largest with a weight of about 3kg. It is normally an oblong shaped fruit with the husks being a green to brown colour and its flesh being a pale yellow to red colour, all of which is dependent upon the species.

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Durian allergy

Durian is an exotic fruit that grows in a tropical climate zone especially in the Southeast Asian equatorial rainforests. This fruit has existed since prehistoric times and it has been an appealing fruit to various animals including humans. Durian is considered as the king of all fruits in Southeast Asia because of this. However, various people differ in fondness of this fruit. Some people really love this fruit while others detest it. This may probably be attributable to the fruit’s relatively unpleasant odor which resembles a strong garlic-like smell.

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