Durian allergy

Durian is an exotic fruit that grows in a tropical climate zone especially in the Southeast Asian equatorial rainforests. This fruit has existed since prehistoric times and it has been an appealing fruit to various animals including humans. Durian is considered as the king of all fruits in Southeast Asia because of this. However, various people differ in fondness of this fruit. Some people really love this fruit while others detest it. This may probably be attributable to the fruit’s relatively unpleasant odor which resembles a strong garlic-like smell.

There are only little known reports of durian allergy. However, according to a study made by J. Olivieri, it has been proven that the ingestion of durian of a patient is highly suggestive of allergic fruit anaphylaxis. It was also found to be highly positive in a skin prick test (SPT) conducted to prove the allergy for the patient. However, it was concluded that it was only the first reported report of fruit anaphylaxis to durian.

Aside from the said case study, there are also some people who reported that they are mildly allergic to durian. Some complain of suffering from headaches whenever they smell the fruit while others endure continuous sneezing. These disorders where reportedly experienced whenever they are subjected to long exposure with the durian smell. Interestingly, the same people did not have any adverse allergic reaction when eating the fruit.

While there are only limited amounts of information on harmful effects of durian, there are many known good effects of this exotic fruit. One thing that most durian lovers agree upon is that the fruit has a deliciously sweet flavor and produces a heavenly creamy feeling in the mouth. Another side effect is that it is highly addictive to eat because of the seemingly euphoric feeling that its eaters experience when eating the fruit. Moreover, it is rich in many vitamins and minerals while being high in cholesterol and fat as well. So if you are planning to eat durian, then it is highly encouraged for you to try it as there is a very low risk of you being allergic to durian.


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