Oatmeal Allergy

Cases of Oatmeal Allergy are quite common, especially among children as well as adults who may experiences common allergy towards other food substances with high levels of protein such as wheat products. It is important that parents and all other people who may have allergy to oatmeal learn how to determine the various symptoms of this type of allergy as late diagnosis may prove too costly to handle and could even lead to fatalities. Any allergic reaction to food such as oatmeal or other food substances can develop without the concerned party’s knowledge and thus the need for understanding basic concepts about Oatmeal Allergy.

It is proved that baby’s are highly prone to Oatmeal Allergy than adults. Young babies ranging from two to five years can develop this kind of allergy and it may lead to further complications which if not treated immediately, can lead to death. However, parents can easily determine whether their child is suffering from allergic oatmeal reactions quite easily, provided they have the right information.

A common symptom of Oatmeal Allergy would include a swollen belly where the child’s stomach will be a little bit puffed up. You could also see your child vomiting quite often, even when you are not feeding the child. Some little pimples or rash may also appear on the stomach and cause the baby a lot of discomfort. The bloating of the stomach is a result of the gas accumulating in the stomach, and this is the main cause of the heat rash that spreads all over the tummy. If this is the case, it is important that you stop feeding your child with any food substance with oatmeal as an ingredient in it. You will most likely find oatmeal in baby cereal. Similarly, there are also bathing soaps and jellies that have oatmeal as an ingredient, and you need to do away with them as well.

Although a bloated stomach and heat rash will appear first, other symptoms of Oatmeal Allergy that will consequently appear and may be severe include breathing problems as well as wheezing. If not attended to, the child will develop further complications such as chest pains and a swollen and blocked throat. Therefore, parents are highly advised to seek professional guidance when selecting the food to give to their young ones as well as creams and bathing soaps to use. Another important consideration should be the idea of using food products that are well recognized by pediatric practitioners and avoid trying out new food substances being introduced in the market on your child.

Other life threatening symptoms of Oatmeal Allergy include a swollen throat and palate which will cause the baby problems when feeding. It is at such a point when the child will cry continuously and cannot take anything given to it. Parents should always avoid having to see their children get to such a point. However, if this is the case, ensure that you rush your child to the hospital for specialized medication. Oatmeal Allergy is becoming increasingly common among adults as well and should not be ignored as it could also be fatal on them.


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