Nut Free Recipes

With the advent of nut allergies, the high number of people affected and the potentially deadly effects of nut allergies, an active campaign of research into the nut has ensued. As a result of this extensive research a greater understanding of nut allergies has given us not only a better understanding of the enemy but it has provided us with greater alternatives to a food staple that has otherwise totally engulfed the human diet.

Given the serious implications that would ensue from an allergic reaction to the unfortunate ingestion of nut proteins, alternatives are not just a blessing but an absolute must. To the person that has only just been diagnosed with a nut allergy, or to a gravely concerned parent whose child is now living with a nut allergy, there are two solutions that run parallel to each other. First, steady, constant and inquisitive communication with both your physician and with an allergist/immunologist specialist is vital. These two gifted health professionals are a wealth of information and they can help you to manage your dietary needs now that nuts have been removed from the dietary equation. They can also point you in the right direction in terms of finding a dietician that will suggest some delicious alternative meals to the kind that you eat already.

Recent federal legislation in the United States has mandated that labels be printed and placed on all products outlining the product contents in such a fashion that a child of seven years of age can read an interpret the information. The susceptibility of children to nut allergies runs high, according to some paediatric experts. Children who have an existing peanut allergy also have anywhere between a 30 to 60 percent chance of developing allergies to tree nuts. In an effort to understand just what exactly you or your child is allergic to in regards to nuts, you will need to be tested. Looking at the lengthy list of nuts and by products that contain nuts may overwhelm you but don’t let it frighten you. There are just as many foods equally so the measure if not more that is safe and healthy alternatives.

Failure to be educated and to be vigilant will produce some effects that you would not want to see your children suffer from much less yourself. Immune response systems can shut down major organs within the body or cause respiratory constriction. In many cases, allergic reactions to nuts have been known to cause death to those who are caught unawares.

The world of nut allergies doesn’t have to be as daunting as you first believe with the right professionals and the right information at hand. Armed with these crucial elements, your meals will be uncomplicated to make and your lives just as normal as it was before you learned that you were allergic.

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