Kneadbe is an online market place which is allergen and gluten free. It’s a very unique site set up by a husband and wife to specifically cater to the needs of people with dietary problems. It’s a place which allows bakeries and individuals to share their allergen and gluten free foods with the food sensitive communities that need them. Kneadbe specialise in Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Nut Free and Egg Free products.

Kneadbe was started off by a man called Drew and his wife. Drews wife has Celiac disease which means she was intolerant to any food with gluten, wheat barley oats or rye. There are certainly a range of gluten free products out on the market but I’m sure you will agree It is very hard to find a nice tasting gluten free loaf of bread. Well you can on Kneadbe-this is what it set out to achieve-to provide great tasting gluten free bread. It has now of course expanded into a wider range of products and is very popular with the food sensitive community.

Kneadbe provides allergy or gluten free products which are easily accessible as they deliver straight to your front door. They have a great range of products which extend way beyond just bread. They are also able to cater to peoples specific needs and do not just specialise in gluten free products. People’s dietary requirements can be tailored to. is a wonderful idea as so many people out there suffer from food allergies and intolerances and this is something which is trying to make life that much easier for them. So many of these sufferers are restricted to the awful tasting range of foods which can be provided and ordered in by their local chemist, it just doesn’t seem fair that a gluten intolerant person cannot enjoy the taste of great bread. Kneadbe is trying to change all this but it does require a lot of funding. It is not cheap to run this sort of business as it appeals to a narrow market and therefore requires a lot of advertising and marketing as well as media attention. It is however a good idea and in the best interests of the sufferers as it provides them with more options and allows them to enjoy the everyday food which they are not allowed to enjoy due to their food allergy or intolerance. If you suffer from a food allergy or gluten intolerance etc give a try!

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