Coke Zero Allergies

Coca Cola is arguably the world leading company in the beverage industry. One of the new products they offer is Coke Zero which is highly marketed with a claim that it contains zero calories. However, this product contains a highly controversial ingredient called Aspartame. This chemical, otherwise known as E951, is a widely used artificial sweetener which has been widely believed to be responsible for various health problems such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, migraines, ADHD and brain diseases among others. Also, there were many coke zero allergies reported due to such chemical sweetener. While being approved by the United States Food and Drug Authority in 1981, its effects on humans are being questioned and condemned by a lot of people.

In 1995, a study was conducted and it was learned that 75% of all allergic reactions from food were mainly due to aspartame. Despite this, doctors and scientists do not yet universally accept the real existence of aspartame allergy.  This is because the subjects are experiencing a wide variety of symptoms which can make diagnosing impossible. Additionally, the effects of allergy are often mistaken with other factors such as food intolerance or confusion with allergies on other chemicals or food.

People who believe that they have coke zero allergies often find symptoms such as headaches, nausea, diarrhea, heartburn, stomachaches, weight gain, anxiety attacks and many others. If this is true, the intake of aspartame may cause allergic reactions that can trigger a lot of serious diseases and medical conditions which could be very fatal such as epilepsy, Eipstein Barr, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and more. Interestingly though, the mainstream media is showing to the public that a lot of health experts say that such chemical is actually safe and good for the body.

Whether or not aspartame allergy really exists, scientists should give time to study about this chemical. The numerous reports of its harmful effects cannot be taken for granted. As such, the FDA should take a second look on their approval of the chemical for public consumption. This measure will save lot of lives and people suffering from its harmful side effects especially given the fact that it is contained by one of the most consumed beverage today which is the coke zero.


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