ChefMod: Professionally managed restaurant purchasing.

Is it becoming more difficult as days go by for you to purchase your restaurant supplies? Many restaurants face a similar problem. For some, they end up shutting down. With ChefMod, shutting down your business is not an option for us.

What is ChefMod? ChefMod is an East Coast-based provider of software, apps and other technologies that enable bars, restaurants, catering companies and hospitality venues to buy restaurant supplies with a group to get group discounts, lower prices and better service from suppliers and vendors. ChefMod is your partner every step of the journey enhancing your profitability.

Talking about catering and especially Catering Sydney – specialises in private and corporate catering services that will impress your guests. Their services include both drop-off orders as well as staffed events. Whether entertaining family, friends, colleagues or clients, they’ll provide you with beautiful food and service that sparkles, no matter what the occasion. They offer the best catering Sydney has to offer. As one of Sydney’s leading caterers – committed to delighting its clientele with inspiring flavours, innovative concepts and an unsurpassed level of service. Their experience, knowledge, resources and passion translate into truly special events with fabulous food.

You might be wondering how ChefMod is different from other traditional Group Purchasing Organization. Here is why:

  1. Thousands of Products

The company connects its members to tens of thousands of items, meeting its members’ needs in all the categories. The system updates its items daily making sure up-to-date selections.

  1. Power of The Group

ChefMod’s team of industry experts are responsible for coordinating receiving and implementing all pricing from system approved vendors. Pooling ChefMod’s membership spend ensures that your shopping cart is at the lowest market price.

  1. Custom Solutions

ChefMod reviews all opportunities to introduce member specific suppliers to deliver a complete order processing solution.

  1. Vendor Selection

Selecting best in class suppliers is invaluable as it sets the foundation for member expectations.

These among others are the differences between ChefMod and other Group Purchasing Organizations. The company also employs highly skilled and trained personnel to make sure the members get the maximum experience. ChefMod also continues to grow its membership and supplier base while building trust and credibility through performance.

The company was born when John Oldweiler (Founder and President) and Eduard Spivak (Founder and Chief Technology Officer) put their heads together. They analyzed how restaurant owners like themselves were enduring when it came to purchasing restaurant items. ChefMod was born to eradicate such problems and issues. In business since 2005, ChefMod provides independent and small group foodservice establishments with business class, cloud based purchasing and recipe management solutions for both the desktop and mobile devices.