Dining Out: Popular Restaurants in Kolkata (Calcutta)

Authentic Bengali Cuisine In Kolkata

While in Kolkata, a traveler must try some authentic Bengali cuisine. A foodie should make it a point to taste some of the local delicacies like Jumbo Prawns, Hilsa Fish, Mutton Curry, delicious fish preparation, and other authentic Bengali recipes. Reputed restaurants that have earned the fame for serving authentic local dishes are Oh Calcutta!, located on top of the Forum Shopping Mall on Elgin Road (Ph: 033 22837161/2837162-64), Kewpies (Ph: 033 2475 9880), 6 Ballygunj Place in South Kolkata, Aheli in Peerless Inn, Taro Parbon in South Kolkata, and Bhajahari Manna, located in 6 different locations in the city, (Ph: 2231 2965). All these Bengali Cuisine restaurants have a homely setting and great ambience. Some of these restaurants serve food on traditional earthenware vessels to add charm to their delicious Bengali thali.

An epicure can’t miss the chance to taste some famous Bengali sweets while in the town. There are modest to big sweet shops in every lanes, nooks and corners of the city. Some of the well known traditional sweet shops in Kolkata are Bhim Nag, Ganguram, and Mouchak. One of the Bengal specialty sweets is Rasgulla (sweet cream cheese balls dipped in sugar syrup). Average cost of sweet per piece varies between Rs 5 – Rs 10. (12-19 cents).

Chinese Restaurants In Kolkata

For authentic Chinese food, travelers can check out Mainland China that serves authentic Chinese cuisine from different provinces of China. This restaurant has both buffet lunch and à la carte menu. The main restaurant is located at Uniworth House, 3-A, Gurusaday Road, Kolkata – 700 019 (Ph: 033 22837964 / 65 / 66 32511257) with branches at South City Mall, Prince Anwar Shah Road and Silver Arcade, EM Bypass. Another age-old Chinese restaurant is Jimmy’s Kitchen, located on AJC Bose Road (Ph: 033 22800486). The restaurant is one of oldest and still one of the best in the city with reasonable price. There are a handful of modest Chinese restaurants in Tangra. Many Chinese immigrant families reside in this part of the city who owns these restaurants. Although the décor of the restaurants are not appealing the food and drinks are too good to resist. Some of the well known restaurants in Tangra are Beijing (Ph: 2328 1011/3998), Canton Restaurant (Ph: 2865 0934), Kim Ling (Ph: 2329 1393/8923) only a few to name.

Where To Eat Mughlai Cuisine In Kolkata

Travelers looking out for Mughlai cuisine in Kolkata must visit Arsenal (famous for its Mutton Chaap), Shiraz, located in Mallick Bazar (the signature dish is Chicken Chaap and Biriyani), and Zeeshan are some well known restaurants.

Multi-Cuisine Restaurants And Bars In Kolkata

While in Kolkata, one must not miss the chance to visit the Park Street Area where most of the famous restaurants and bars of the city are located. Along with food one can even enjoy live band music in some of these restaurants. Trincas (Ph: 033-22298947), Mocambo, Waldrof, The Park, Copper Chimney, Kwality, Bar B Q are some of the all time popular restaurants where one can unwind with a glass of drink. Another restaurant that deserves to be listed is Peter Cat (Ph:22298841) famous for their chelo kebabs. Travelers should also not meet the chance to visit Olypub, Kolkata’s most loved pubs. After a day’s travel, it is the perfect place to relax with a glass of beer, beef steak, and Shammi Kebab.

Cafe And Modest Restaurants In Kolkata

Bedwin (for Mughlai Cuisine) and Hatari (multi-cuisine roof top) are two modest restaurants in South Kolkata that serve delicious food in a reasonable price. Azad Hind Dhaba in Ballygunj Place (Ph: 033 24865652) is a descent road-side joint for Punjabi food.

Most of the shopping complexes have food court where a wide variety of food of different cuisine is available. The South City Mall (located in Prince Anwar Shah Road in South Kolkata) has a fantastic food-court, a shopper’s delight. In addition, there are plenty of small to medium roll-joints where one can grab a chicken roll, fish fry, or chicken lollypop for just Rs 15-Rs 20. Another Kolkata’s specialty is the roadside panipuri/fuchka stalls that should not be missed out.

One of Kolkata’s most historic cafes is the Coffee house in College Street. This café is a regular hang out for college and university students, intellectuals and scholars. During the 60s, Coffee House became the main intellectual battleground of the famous Hungry generation literary and cultural movement in Bengal.

Whatever may be the bon vivant’s choice, Kolkata has some of the finest dining options to please a demanding palate. From Chinese to continental and from Bengali cuisine to Mughlai cuisine the city has a bunch of modest to big restaurants to serve and please every gourmet.

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