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Finding good food website in the is very often nowadays. The food lovers always want to have new tasty food, the people who love to cook new and different recipe always search different websites to get a new recipe. For the food lovers the problems are solved as now they can find their recipe on Show me the curry website deals with foods and their recipe. The website gives attention to the Indian food. It helps making a variety of Indian recipe.

The first thing that a viewer looks in the website is the design which provokes the viewer to go through the rest of the website. If the viewer does not get the first impression nice in the website he/she will not go through the website. Yet, this website has a good and impressive design of the page. The writing style, page make-up and the colour combination is nice, but the orange colour is not very eye soothing which comes at the beginning, when the page opens.

The focus of the website is intent and the purpose is made very clear to the audience. When a visitor visits the website first time the visitor can easily discover what the website is trying to accomplish. The content of the website is well written and it is free from any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes and punctuation.

The elements of the website are very clear. The readers easily accomplish the reason for visiting the website. The website gives the detailed information about the recipe. It gives free videos of Indian recipes which can easily attract the people to watch it and make new delicious foods. The site helps making many Indian recipes like Indian salads, Indian pickles, Indian beverages, Indian vegetable, etc.

Looking on the website it has been found that the audiences are satisfied. There are many comments on the website which shows the audience is happy with the website.

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