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These days many people are in search of detail about good food. To acquire enough knowledge about recipes in various ways the one should visit the website www.foodfood.com. This website deals with food. The website is to give the guideline on recipe and details about the various type of food. Viewers can visit the website for query related to foods.

The page-makeup of a website is very important as it attracts the viewers to look for the rest of the website. The design of the website is very attractive and impressive. The design is very eye pleasing as it is not very glaring.

The focus of the website is very clear and it’s only focus is on food. We can get all latest Indian food recipes in the website. This website also gives attention on Pakistani dishes. Different types of dishes like south Indian dishes, pongal dishes, etc, are there. They also publish different dishes according to occasions like, diwali dishes, ganesh chaturthi dishes, holi dishes, etc. The information of cookery shows like, ready steady cook, chef se muqabala and firangi tadka are also given in this site.

The writing style of the site is good, but it needs more detailed writing. The elements of the site are clear, but not very concise. The content is easily readable and it makes sense. The writings are without any mistakes. There are no grammatical mistakes and no spelling mistakes in the content. The website is effective in putting out its message to the audience.

Looking at the audience’s comment it is clear that the audience is very impressed by the website. The audience is satisfied by the information given in the website. There are places for the audience to give their feedback to the website.
This website is quite popular to the audience. There are no such complaints found about the website until now. After, opening the page the viewers can get more detail about the other site to find this information. This website is good for gathering knowledge about food and food related shows.

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