Tyramine Allergy

Tyramine is a normally occurring monoamine compound and derived traces of amine which come from amino acid. It acts as a noradrenalin, adrenaline releasing agent. Somehow it is unable to cross the blood brain barrel which results in non-psychoactive peripheral sympathomimeric effects. When foods rich in tyramine is taken with monoamine-oxides inhibitor (MOI), it’s caused something famously called the “cheese-effect” or tyramine allergy

How do Tyramine Occur?
The tyramine widely occurs in the plants and animals and is changed in your body by the enzyme monoamine oxidase. During the fermentation or decay of the foods it is produced by the decarboxylation of tyrosine. Some of the food that high level of tyramine are the meat, pork, cheese soy bean, chocolate, alcoholic beverages, banana, eggplants etc. One can say that, the more the food is kept in the refrigerator, the more the amount of tyramine presence in the food.

Physical effect of Tyramine
Monoamine-oxides inhibitor (MOI) metabolizes the tyramine in human. If the food with high tyramine are taken by compromising monoamine metabolism and monoamine oxidase inhibitor a case of hypertensive crisis can occur. This case was first discovered by a neurologist when he found that as soon his wife takes cheese, she would suffer from headache. For this reason this effect is called “cheese effect”. All the variety of cheese does not have high level of tyramine that causes hypertension, but some aged cheese does have.
A large quantity of dairy products containing tyramine, if consumed, can cause high blood pleasure, and increase in heart rate. When the person is exposed to excessive tyramine, the pressure response decreases and the tyramine is decomposed to octopamine which is again parceled synaptic vesicles along with noradrenalin. When further increased, these vesicles contain an excess of octopamine and the norepinephrine is considerable reduced. Thus octopine does not release alpha and beta adrenergic receptors.
With the increase in the intake of tyramine, the person can be affected by increase blood pressure, increase heart beat among other allergic reactions. The people should not consume tyramine products when there on monoamine-oxides inhibitor (MOI) medication. Those who suffer frequently of headache or migraine should never use the tyramine products as they would definitely suffer from tyramine allergy.
To cut it short, one can avoid getting the tyramine allergy but eating the freshly prepared food. Eating fresh would not only reduce the allergies you had suffered in the past but also on can feel the fresh lease of energy, strength and reduced tension in your body. One may not realize that they are affected by the intake of tyramine. But, by cutting the amount of tyramine foods, one can keep track of the whether the tyramine is the cause of ones allergy

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