How to improve your cellar supply and drinks gas management

If you run a busy bar, pub or restaurant, you will also need to effectively manage your drinks gas and other cellar supplies. Cellar management can often get slightly overlooked in the day to day running of a business and many bar owners find that stock, suppliers, space and products don’t get evaluated as often as they should. This is understandable, but it could be costing you money and you may find that your cellar management isn’t as effective as it could be.

Here are a few simple tips to help you improve your cellar supplies and management:

Find the right drinks gas supplier
When was the last time you evaluated your drinks gas and cellar supplies provider? Are you sure that you are still getting value for money and top quality products with them? When searching for the right supplier, competitive pricing will obviously be top of the requirements list for most businesses, but you also need to ensure they deliver on time, stock all the products you require and offer first rate customer service. If your current supplier doesn’t meet all of these essential needs, now is a good time to revaluate.

Keep your cellar and cellar supplies safe and tidy
When storing drinks gas, compressed gas cylinders, hoses and consumables, it is essential that you comply with all health and safety standards and keep your cellar well organised. If you are ever in any doubt, speak to a trained cellar technician for advice. Some general guidelines include:
Ensure only trained staff have access to the cellar or handle compressed gas cylinders.
Display warning signs.
Do not overstock.
Make sure cellar is well ventilated.
Cellar supplies should be stored in an organised fashion and on even surfaces.
Handle drinks gas cylinders correctly, in accordance with the 1992 Manual Handling Regulations.

Get your deliveries right
Getting your supply deliveries right will ensure adequate stock levels are constantly maintained and you never run out of product when you most need it. However, if you should ever find stocks running low before your next scheduled delivery, make sure your provider can accommodate emergency deliveries.

Seek cellar management advice
A businesses needs are constantly changing, so it might be time to seek new professional management advice on how you can streamline operations, improve product range of cellar supplies and evaluate health and safety and training procedures.

Know who to contact in an emergency
If anything should go wrong with your drinks gas cylinders or other consumables, you need to make sure you know who to contact and have confidence that they will be on hand for any concerns or emergencies. A reputable cellar supply company should have technicians that can be contacted directly if needed.

Taking a little time now to go through these points and evaluate providers, cellar supplies and processes could be extremely beneficial for your business, and profitable, for many years to come.