How to Keep Your Fridge Free Of Odor

It can be very disturbing opening your ridge to find an unidentifiable bad odor. There are many reasons that could lead to this and among them are molds growing on the door, spoilt food and many more. There are a number of ways that you can use to free your fridge of bad smell. Here is how to keep your fridge free of odor.

Clean the fridge thoroughly

You may need to remove everything that is inside the fridge and clean it thoroughly. Get all the food out, put it in a cooler and cover with some ice, then unplug the fridge. While doing this, you need to scrub the shelves, remove the drawers and let them soak in the sink. Wipe dry the surfaces that are below the drawers. You have to remember to swab the seals that are on the door and outside surfaces. You will not know which of your foods drip when you are putting them inside and outside the fridge.

Use natural cleaning solutions.

There is a wide range of neutral cleaning solutions that you can use to clean your fridge today. You will find it safe scrubbing the surface of your fridge and free it of unnecessary smells with baking soda. In addition, using some vinegar can help in leaving the fridge sparkling white.

Position powerful odor removers on the shelves

Keeping odor removers such as baking soda on your shelves is highly advisable. This means that any odor that remains after cleaning is soaked up completely. Nevertheless, if there are tougher smells, you can mix some vanilla with baking soda. Other natural odor removal products that you can leave inside the fridge include a bowl of oats, some white vinegar and dried coffee.

Keep fresh and perishable foods visible

You should not tuck your fruits and veggies in a drawer and forget about them. This is because you will know when they are going bad and will use them before they go to waste.

Use airtight containers.

Do not store your pizza in the cardboard containers that you bought them. Store all your foods in airtight containers and this will help in keeping the food fresh for longer and reducing the probability of odors forming.

Defrost your refrigerator

Defrosting your refrigerator and its freezer compartments regularly helps to keep odors at bay. Defrosting also helps in getting rid of layers of ice and thick shards, which make the refrigerator less efficient.

Ensure maximum circulation

You can get rid of bad odors by ensuring that there is proper air circulation in all parts of the refrigerator. This will ensure that food is preserved for longer, therefore solving the problem of bad odor.

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