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First and foremost, this article has nothing against products, companies and entities that are concerned.
Gluten is a Latin word which literally means ‘glued.’ It is the component of dough to be very elastic and adhesive. This made it widely used in almost every food production slates. From noodles to coffees to candies to crackers and thickeners to MSG. Generally, the most processed foods are the ones which are primary affected; the ones which contains the most amounts.
But where on earth did this come from? According to, this is one of the many components of the grains that we are consuming for the past thousand years. Prior to that, they’ve claimed that we consumed wild plants, animal protein and others. Later on, due to the requirements of the growing society, agricultural innovations took place which lead to what we know today as the modern communities.

Grains, basically, provide food to more than half of the population; inexpensive and without any noticeable effects. However, as the site continues to say, this has great connection to the introduction of severe diseases that is being experienced now by the greater population; diabetes, osteoporosis, thyroid disorders obesity and cancer. This is due to the many innovations that happened as a result of continued studies on agriculture. For example are processes that lead to the production more products compared to what has been usually produced in the past. The health risks, which should be the prime concern of scientists, as opposed to their focus in the growth of their companies, are greatly forgotten.
Gluten is considered a toxic component of food since, in the evolutionary aspect, these genetically modified grains, where gluten is found, is new in our bodies. Some people experience the disease that is called the Celiac Disease which is characterized by Gluten Intolerance. This is due to the introduction of this genetically modified grains to our system.

Jolly Rancher – Gluten Free.
According to, Jolly Rancher is a brand of candy that is currently owned Hershey’s. It contains the kinds of candies such as the hard ones, the chewables, jelly beans, lollipops, etc. in a wide range of flavours. Good thing, they claimed that Jolly Rancher is a product that is proudly Gluten Free. This make it sound interesting and would of course lead to an increase in the market against those who did not claim their Gluten Free – identity.
However, according to, the term ‘Gluten Free’ could be attributed to any food with Gluten taken from it, REGARDLESS OF THE AMOUNT. Hence, even if only a part of a part of a percentage of the Gluten content is actually taken away, it can still claim that the product is Gluten Free. Some people experience the disease that is called the Celiac Disease which is characterized by Gluten Intolerance.

Therefore, whether somebody claims that it existed or not, it is still the prime responsibility of the consumer to check the food that he eats and the processes that these foods undergone. It is still safer to eat vegetables and fruits, though some had already undergone various modifications too, since most of the essential contents remained.

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