Did you know that there are a lot of apps which help you save money on food?

These food saving apps allow you to scan the barcode of your food and other items. The app then provides a list of places where the product is cheapest. If available, coupons will be offered so you can get a great deal on your purchase!

Here are some great ways to find cheap food:

Food Savings Apps – These types of apps use your phone’s camera or internet browser to search for products and compare prices at various stores. Other features include price history charts, grocery lists, scanning recipes to add ingredients, digital coupons & more. See below for our Top 5 Food Savings Apps like Handla mat …!

Shop Cheap – “Shop Cheap is a user-friendly app that will help you find the cheapest deals in your area for groceries, clothes & more.

Save Money with Coupons & Deals – Grocery iQ helps save money on food by finding coupons and deals. It has a large database of coupons, most of which are added by users. Users can create their own grocery list or look through someone else’s list to see what they need to buy.

Save Money Shopping Online – Save money shopping online with over 1,000,000 coupons from hundreds of storeslike Amazon, eBay, Kohl’s and more! Plus use cashback offers from over 25 online retailers at once. The app also has a grocery list maker so you can create a list before going to the store…

Compare Food Prices – This is a simple app that allows you to scan barcodes or search for products to compare prices & see coupons from various stores all at once!

Shop Food – Shop food with this simple& easy to use app. This is one of few apps that allows you to scan barcodes & check prices for food, but also other types of products like clothes or shoes!

Food Prices – Another great app with a large database of over 1,000,000+ deals and coupons! Scan barcodes, see product reviews from other users and more….

Shop – Shop online using your Android device! This top rated app searchesand compares prices from hundreds of online retailers and presents related coupons and deals.

Shop Cheap – Another great shopping app that uses your mobile device to search for items and compare prices for clothing, food & more! This app has a built-in barcode scanner, grocery list maker and many other features….

Bargain Buddy – Look up items or scan UPC barcodes to find the cheapest places to buy them online and offline (stores like Walmart, Best Buy )