What Can You Make With A Vitamix Blender?

Any kitchen requires a blender, but gone are the days when all that was required of such an electronic device was to make juice. The demand for better and more powerful blenders that could break down any ingredient rose over the years, hence the invention of the Vitamix Blender.

What Makes It So Special

Unlike your typical kitchen blender, the Vitamix model can blend any ingredient you dare throw into it. It is a powerful mixer that can juice your home into shape, offering a variety of opportunities to make more than just juices.

This smooth and elegant device could be the missing link to making your kitchen and meals complete.

What Exactly Can This Machine Do?

Grind Your Spices

If you value your cooking incomplete without the use of spices, then look no further. The Vitamix blender is a potent kitchen tool that allows you to grind any natural spice into its powder form in a flash. Throw in some dried chilies, peppercorns or any other spice and turn them into a fine dust that will add the organic and natural flavors to your meals.

If you fancy mixed spices, then all you have to do is throw all the raw materials inside, and within seconds, you would have yourself quality ground and blended spices that the supermarkets couldn’t compare.Buy Kerala Spices online available on https://palafresh.com/. An online spices shop with wide range of authentic spices from spices city of Kerala – India.

Blend Any Cocktails

With the Vitamix in your home, you are assured of a correctly and professional bartending service for your drinks on a Friday night. Blend any delectable drink like a pro and make your cocktails at home.

Whether they may be alcoholic, frozen or non-alcoholic drinks, the Vitamix will ensure that the flavors are expertly blended to give out the best drinks at your party.

Homemade Nut Butter

Unlike most typical blenders that find it hard to break down actual nuts for making butter, the Vitamix blender is powerful enough to crack any nut you require. Be it almond butter, peanut butter, coconut butter, pecan butter, Nutella, walnut butter, or even walnut butter, the blender will turn the nuts into a smooth butter.

Make Your Baking Flour

Your baking possibilities with the Vitamix blender are endless. Why take the trip back to the store for your baking flour when you can make any flour with this machine. Oat flour, almond flour, pumpkin seed flour, coconut flour, or even quinoa flour from the seeds, are just some of the few opportunities that present themselves when using the Vitamix blender.

Create Your Homemade Dips

If you’re intending on throwing a party or crave the taste of salsa on your chips, the Vitamix comes pre-installed with a powerful blender capable of offering a wide variety of blending options.

The motor doesn’t overheat even when running for an extended period and is powerful enough to combine all the ingredients for delicious guacamole, hummus, and even salad dressings. You might end up forgetting about the chips once you get a taste of what this blender can do.

Batter Your Paste

When baking, making the batter can prove to be challenging especially when using your handful effort. The solutions can, at times, be very thick hence the need for the Vitamix, which knows no thickness or toughness.

Juice Your Fruits

Throw in all the fruits in your home into the Vitamix blender, and it will give you a sweet and exceptional result that other typical blenders fail at due to unblended residues. Whether it’s apples or pears, the Vitamix is strong enough to handle the heat.

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Take The “Vitamix 750” For A Blend

The Vitamix 750 is a top-class Vitamix model that offers much more than what your blending needs demand. It comes pre-installed with epic pre-programmed settings such as soups, smoothies, purees, and frozen desserts.

For the concern of your kitchen’s cleanliness, the manufacturers threw in a self-cleaning option that ensures you not only benefit from the blender’s magic but also, no mess is left behind.


  • Automated Blending

With the pre-programmed settings, the blender offers you impressive and consistent results, based on your option of choice, without the need for any supervision.

  • Easy clean

Only adding warm water and a few drops of soap boosts the self-cleaning mechanism for the Vitamix 750, which takes about 1 minute or less.

  • Commercial-grade motor

The Vitamix is manufactured with a 2.2-peak horsepower strong enough to blend the toughest ingredients in your kitchen.

The Vitamin 750 caters to all your blending requirements with robust features that deliver efficiency and enhances the performance of your kitchen. (Read full Vitamix 750 Review here).