The extra special gluten free birthday cake

Being gluten intolerant can be a nightmare when you first start out with this food allergy especially when it comes to making things like birthday cakes or any sweet desert as nine times out of 10 they will all have flour books in today’s world we have what is called gluten free flour this has been a brilliant invention for me as I can now make my own birthday cakes some people say there are little bland but someone who suffers from gluten intolerance been able to have a birthday cake is extra special.

With this being said about gluten-free birthday cakes you will need to add something to moist the cake this can be done in forms of spreads and paste you do have to be really careful and these are gluten free and you must always read the labels make sure that it doesn’t have anything that contains gluten to be extra safe I will look out for gluten free spreads.

It can also be said that the cakes look very bland and boring but this can be easily got around with something what is called a birthday cake topper these are brilliant invention and are made out of what is called rice paper and come in all different forms even a photo cake topper which make brilliant items to make the cake look very special but what’s most important are that these edible cake toppers are gluten free and with an extra bonus a suitable for vegetarians.

Never let it be said that gluten-free, vegetarian birthday cake has to be boring any more or tasteless and all the great products on the market in this day and age can help you achieve some brilliant results and have a birthday cake looks splendid as others would be proud to have that don’t have a gluten intolerance.