Celebrating Diverse Cultures Through Storytelling and Cuisine at FABLE, Melbourne

Throughout the world, communities have always valued storytelling as a way to pass down traditions and values from generation to generation. Even before the written word and the internet, stories were used to enhance local communities by promoting morals and expressing societal standards. Each country has its own unique characters, including supernatural, spiritual, and legendary beings, animals, and true heroes. These stories are passed down from elders to children, from different cultural backgrounds all over the world. In Melbourne, these diverse cultures have come together, and we celebrate their stories through our innovative cocktails and mouthwatering sharing platters at FABLE – fablemelbourne.com.au.

As the General Manager and Lead Mixologist at the FABLE, Alessandro Nardini exemplifies the traditional values of hospitality. He has a keen interest in crafting cocktails and is skilled in working with different spirits. Alessandro has traveled a long way from his hometown to Melbourne, driven by his passion. He has worked with many renowned hospitality professionals and has even competed in numerous national and international competitions, which he has won with remarkable success. Among his accomplishments, Alessandro has been recognized in Australia’s top ten bartenders for events such as The Vero Bartender 2019, Giffard West Cup 2022, The Vero Bartender 2022, and Iron Bartender 2022.

Alex Xinis, the Executive Chef at FABLE, has an impressive culinary background. He has worked in Athens, Greece at the renowned Two-Michelin starred restaurant, Funky Gourmet. Additionally, Alex served as the Head Chef at George Calombaris’ prestigious restaurant, “The Press Club”, where he contributed significantly to the restaurant receiving its two-hat accolade in the Age Good Food Guide. With his diverse culinary experiences, there’s no doubt that Alex has a flair for the cuisine he grew up enjoying.

Michael Pastrana, the Head Chef at FABLE, is an individual with a great passion for cooking and gourmet cuisine. His career has taken him from working at cafes to high-end restaurants, starting from the bottom and making his way up to Head Chef positions. Michael has previously owned and managed multiple restaurants overseas before he decided to relocate to Melbourne to further develop his culinary skills and knowledge in western cuisine. His determination and dedication for cooking have led him to his current position, where he continues to create delicious and innovative dishes for FABLE’s customers.

FABLE Melbourne is located at Level 13, 168 Lonsdale St, Melbourne 3000. To contact FABLE Melbourne, you can send an email to info@fablemelbourne.com.au.

FABLE Melbourne rooftop bar is excited to launch its all-new bottomless rooftop brunch this summer season in the CBD’s highest rooftop bar. The brunch takes place every Saturday, starting from the 10th of December and offers 2-hour seating times from 1:00pm – 3:00 pm. The $65pp brunch includes bottomless drinks and canapés. The brunch share plates are masterly crafted by Executive Chef Alex Xinis and include mouthwatering dishes like cauliflower nuggets, green garlic, daikon, citrus cured kingfish, granny smith, radish, lime, “onion and garlic,” fried calamari, ouzo-lemon mayonnaise, amongst others. Aside from the bottomless drinks, FABLE Melbourne offers an extensive cocktail list that includes Greygoose Watermelon and Basil, Greygoose Peach and Rosemary, Greygoose Strawberry and Lemongrass, and more. The rooftop brunch also has live entertainment provided by a rotation of DJ’s, including Andy Murphy, Kelvin Dana Jesus, Minx, Jorj Pats, Brooke Boshuizen, and live roaming music from Gaz Kempster (percussion), Tavares Brothers (vocals), and Emerson Alexander (vocals). At FABLE Melbourne, we take responsible service of alcohol very seriously, and we encourage guests to drink responsibly. We offer a complete refund 48 hours before the start of the event for any special dietary requirements, and our team is always ready to get your party started.