Truffle allergy


Do You Have Truffle Allergy? How Do You Know?

Allergies may just be in form of itchiness and light discomfort. However, allergic reaction can become worse that leads to fatal health condition and even to death. If you have a very sensitive body and you have had cases of allergies, then being cautious of what you eat is very important. Food allergies are the worst allergies of all basically because they stop you from taking even just a bit of sumptuous treats. There are common foods that many people are allergic to like chicken and sea foods. There are some who are allergic to meat. Now, what if you are allergic to truffles? How do you know about it?

The problem with this food is its very rare and you don’t eat it just like that. Truffles are used as ingredients. And you know where? Chocolates! Yeah. So if you sense something bad after munching on a candy bar, you might be starting to experience truffle allergy symptoms.

What are truffles?

Truffles are uncommon mushrooms that grow in trees. You may not know it but truffles are widely used by popular chefs to prepare different great-tasting foods. Truffles are very expensive and these are also called by French cooks as “the diamond of the kitchen”. These rare mushrooms are used in Spanish, Italian, Greek, and Asian (particularly Chinese) cuisines.

Truffle Allergy Symptoms

Basically, allergy symptoms for truffles are the same with other food allergy symptoms and it does actually depend on the sensitivity levels of people. Well, basic symptoms would be skin itch and redness, big blemishes all over the body which are warm and discomforting; numbness and stomach pain. There are some who can tolerate truffle allergies. But, there are people who may experience difficulty in breathing due to loss of oxygen; too much pain (especially stomach pain), and other internal reactions that can totally be aggravate the patient’s condition.

That is why for people with history of allergies, being extra careful on what they eat is a must. If you are allergic to truffles or you have been allergic to some foods especially related ones, then avoid eating treats that contain such ingredient. There are histamines (anti-allergy drugs) available over the counter that you must always have so in any case you want to try dishes that you’re allergic to, you can do so. Note: Not all allergic people can manage their allergies by just using histamines. It is always best to ask your physician about your health condition. And when symptoms persist, consult your doctor. That’s the way it has always been.