Sorbitol allergy

Must-Know on Sorbitol Allergy

It must be the sweets…
If you love eating chocolates and candies, gums, and all those sweet pleasures, then you must have been consuming a lot of sorbitol already. If you don’t have any history of food allergy then it’s great; otherwise, you should be careful about processed sweet products. Sorbitol is a substitute for sugar and commonly used in making artificial food products. Sorbitol is also used for dietary drinks because it contains fewer calories than the ordinary sugar.

Sorbitol Allergy Symptoms
How do you know you’re allergic to sorbitol? Symptoms of sorbitol allergy can be mistaken with other health problems so it is always essential that you consult your doctor in any case you feel something different after consuming a food or beverage which has sorbitol. According to experts, too much sorbitol intake may also produce same symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, intestinal sound and gases, as well as bloating. If you have been eating same sweet delights for a long time now but it’s the first time you experience the symptoms, then maybe it has nothing to do with sorbitol intolerance. But then again- check it with your doctor.

Sorbitol Allergy and Intolerance in Kids
Kids are also susceptible to sorbitol allergy primarily because they love sweets. This sweetener can be a big problem to kids especially those who are suffering from kidney diseases. Children with sorbitol allergy may experience skin rashes and itchiness, difficulty in breathing, hives, sneezing and coughing. Some may have their lips, face, throat, and other areas in the body swollen.

Aside from the severe discomfort, sorbitol allergy may lead to grave complications and even death of patients. So if you think you have an allergy with sorbitol then see your doctor as soon as possible. This is also true with other kinds of allergies. People with allergies should be always vigilant on what they do and eat. There are anti-allergy medications (shots, capsules, tablets) that are used to relieve strict symptoms. However, these anti-allergy drugs and prescriptions may no longer be able to relieve the symptoms. Severe allergic instances may have to be treated in the hospital and simple medications are discouraged. Internal reactions which are produced by the allergy can lead to the malfunctioning of many internal organs.

Don’t let allergy take you away from little things that make you happy and satisfied. Find out how to manage your allergy problems. See your doctor today.

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