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Cucumber Allergy

Cucumber Allergy is actually a kind of what experts call cross-reactivity where pollen intolerances are mimicked by the fruits and vegetables leading to allergic reactions (ehow.com). They usually have the Ragweed Pollens causing the allergies. These pollens bind up with gourds such as watermelons, cucumber etc, and produce the reaction. This is characterized by sneezing, hay fever, runny nose, sneezing, etc. Hay Fever could be considered as the most observable symptom which is characterized by nasal inflammation, clogged nose, tearing eyes and others which later on may develop to headache, irritability, clogged ears, sore throat and even memory problems. Attacks are reported densely in the months of August and September, more popularly known as the Ragweed Season.

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Allergies treatment

With spring and summer comes the dreaded allergy season and many flock to their doctors or to the pharmacy in search of the idea means to fight the onset and the symptoms of allergies.  There are many suggestions in which you can employ in your effort to reduce the risk of developing your allergy symptoms.

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