The Benefits of a Dog Cafe

A Dog Cafe is a little bit different than other types of cafes, which is one of the primary reasons why they’re more popular. A dog cafe is going to be a place for dogs to hang out, play and have lunch or breakfast in the morning.

In addition to being a place for dogs to do their business, it’s also a place where you can find a special gift basket for that precious little pup. There are many different dog cafes around, and with the wide array of restaurants that offer this type of service, you will never run out of places to go.

When you are choosing your dog cafe, you need to be sure that the one you pick will be a place where you will enjoy going. Needless to say, your needs and your dog’s needs will determine what sort of cafe that you’ll choose. For example, if you’ve got a dog that’s so particular about its food, you may want to find a cafe that offers a lot of food to feed them daily.

Another fantastic thing about a coffee shop is you will have the ability to take your lunch while they prepare their full meal for the rest of the staff. The best part is that the food could be infinite so that they will not run out!

Some people might choose a dog cafe over a coffee shop because they don’t like to eat in the morning. Well, there is a solution for them, as the biggest reason they don’t like to eat breakfast is because they are too tired to stop and have a coffee.

If you opt for a dog cafe that’s located in a nice area, you may be able to eat out during the daytime. This is also a fantastic idea if you are getting your business meeting, in addition to several other important meetings.

If you don’t like to sit around all day with your coffee, the best way to go about finding a place that will offer you the assistance of a dog cafe is to simply ask around. There are a number of places that are willing to give you a quote, and some of them may be happy to offer you discounts, merely to make things easier on you.

You do not have to stay up late at night to attend a dog cafe. If you don’t mind the notion of cooking all day long, it can be a wonderful alternative to eating in a restaurant, which can be rather expensive.

Along with just offering you a lunch or breakfast, many of these cafes offer some kind of dessert bar. This means that if you’re a dessert lover, you might not need to go out and purchase those things from a bakery.

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What Can You Make With A Vitamix Blender?

Any kitchen requires a blender, but gone are the days when all that was required of such an electronic device was to make juice. The demand for better and more powerful blenders that could break down any ingredient rose over the years, hence the invention of the Vitamix Blender.

What Makes It So Special

Unlike your typical kitchen blender, the Vitamix model can blend any ingredient you dare throw into it. It is a powerful mixer that can juice your home into shape, offering a variety of opportunities to make more than just juices.

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Trouble Free Cooking?

Are you looking for trouble-free cooking at home? Astonishingly, trouble-free cooking is a common desire around the world, spanning all cultures, races and ages. Even those among us who thoroughly enjoy cooking and eating almost equally will be the first to confess this. One of the most sought after points being that a person should be able to cook without the worry of creating a mess, spilling, or burning produce. In our quest to find the ultimate answer to this kitchen and cookery goal, we can truthfully say that there really is no such thing as trouble-free cooking! However, there are things that we can do that will take a good deal of trouble out of our cooking.

The vast majority of the hints and tips that we discuss here will be beneficial to novice or beginners in the culinary world, however, there are some great refresher hints and tips for those out there who are more experienced when it comes to cooking. Hopefully, you will all learn some things through the next few paragraphs or at least remember some things that you may have forgotten.

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A Guide to Hosting a Kid’s Party

Are you having a children’s party and want to make sure you cater for all children’s needs – dietary and otherwise? Here are some good tips for being a great host.

1 – Understand that kids aren’t attending the party for healthy food.

There’s both a time and a place for focusing on healthy food and the best possible nutrition, and a birthday party is neither of these. This is even more true for older kids who are going to rebel even harder against the healthy snacks you’re peddling. We suggest that you go with the flow of the food provided – birthday parties don’t happen every day and you can always serve an extra vegetable at dinner.

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Facts and Answers – The Last Word Cocktail

What is in the Last Word Cocktail?

The Last Word Cocktail recipe basically has four ingredients in equal parts. Green Chartreuse, Maraschino Liqueur, Gin and Lime Juice are mixed together in a shaker along with ice. The Last Word is served in a cocktail glass.

Who created the Last Word Cocktail?

The Last Word Cocktail is a prohibition-era drink. The cocktail first appeared in the book ‘Bottoms Up!’ by Ted Saucier in 1951. In his book, he states that this cocktail was first served in the 1920s at the Detroit Athlete Club. It was further made popular by bartender Murray Stenson at the Zig Zag Cafe in Seattle in 2004.

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Kai’s Kookies Bagel

A Bagel for Every Mood

 A quick pick-me-up is probably what we all need when we are rushing through the morning rush hour. For our keto fanatics and lovers, who don’t like compromising on their taste palette, we have introduced a completely new range of bagels. These come in multiple varieties for your unique bagel eating preferences, which include pizzaasiago, and everything.  

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Best Food Delivery Services: What Are They And Why Are They Convenient?

Several companies provide food delivery services to people that’d like to eat healthy, fresh food at home, and don’t have much cooking experience. If you’re tired of having to visit fast food joints to have dinner and lunch, or of ordering out, consider using a meal delivery service to get all the ingredients you need, delivered to your doorstep. Apart from the ingredients, you’ll also get a list of simple instructions that you can follow to prepare various tasty, healthy meals, most of which you’ve probably never cooked or tasted before.

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Dining Out: Popular Restaurants in Kolkata (Calcutta)

Authentic Bengali Cuisine In Kolkata

While in Kolkata, a traveler must try some authentic Bengali cuisine. A foodie should make it a point to taste some of the local delicacies like Jumbo Prawns, Hilsa Fish, Mutton Curry, delicious fish preparation, and other authentic Bengali recipes. Reputed restaurants that have earned the fame for serving authentic local dishes are Oh Calcutta!, located on top of the Forum Shopping Mall on Elgin Road (Ph: 033 22837161/2837162-64), Kewpies (Ph: 033 2475 9880), 6 Ballygunj Place in South Kolkata, Aheli in Peerless Inn, Taro Parbon in South Kolkata, and Bhajahari Manna, located in 6 different locations in the city, (Ph: 2231 2965). All these Bengali Cuisine restaurants have a homely setting and great ambience. Some of these restaurants serve food on traditional earthenware vessels to add charm to their delicious Bengali thali. Continue reading


As a restaurant owner, you might be wondering how you could transform and expand your business. Do not wonder no more. ChefMod will make that easy for you. Let us take a look at how ChefMod came to be. About 12 years ago, two hardworking, food loving and restaurant owners sat down and came up with the brilliant idea. They looked at the issues and troubles that fellow restaurant owners were going through and decided to intervene. Being in business since 2005, ChefMod has transformed many restaurants and created networks for the businesses to run as smooth as possible.

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Where to buy Shakeology

Shakeology is a food supplement, mostly taken by persons who are too busy to make a meal, at last so I thought until I researched deeply and found out that it is even preferred over a normally cooked meal. It is a perfect meal replacement with protein, vitamins and minerals and some trace elements present such as P, Mg, Zn, Cu, Mn, Cr and Mb.

Having established that it is a meal replacement if not better than a meal replacement, it saves a whole of time and energy for the very busy ones that have work to keep up with. It keeps the body strong and healthy, enhances weight loss, reduces blood pressure helps one stay in shape coupled with the right workouts the reason as to why it is not sold in so many places is yet unknown but if you are sincerely looking for a shake of shakeology, you would get them genuinely on the beachbody website. They are not sold in stores or anywhere, at least not officially allowed by beachbody, not on eBay, Wal-Mart, Costco, GNC or any other store. It was sold on Amazon but not anymore since there are no shakeology sellers there. Meanwhile, buying from these places does not come with a guarantee that you can have your money back if you are not buying the original product or if your product is damaged on delivery. So, that is like no bargaining at all. The only place you can purchase shakeology and be happy with you did with all the guarantee in place is on the official beachbody website. If you cannot purchase from an official beachbody website, then a team beachbody coach can supply you or better still, you can become a team beachbody coach yourself and be able to purchase it at a very affordable price. The cost is about $4 per serving. So, if it is to be consumed on a regular basis to get maximal result, then we are talking about serving for one month which is $150 per month including shipping. Now considering the food you spent in a month especially the unnecessary and excess that you take in, then that price is something to be amazed at. That is the definition of impressive. Below are all the things that you start to gain by ordering for a total of $150 or buying directly;

Whey, saiha, Chia, flax, quinoa, amaranth and pea: This shakeology ingredients helps build lean muscles, improve skin quality, hair quality, mental clarity and reduces junk cravings too.

-Proficiency support fruit/antioxidant blend of acai, acerola, pomegranates support an already well functioning organ such as the heart and regulates blood pressure. Continue reading

Protein Powder allergies

What is an allergy?

The immune system of our body is a remarkable defence mechanism against foreign invaders. In most of the people, it plays its part by fighting off bacteria, viruses, protozoans or fungi that find their way into our bodies. In some unfortunate people, their immune system overreacts to something that’s usually harmless and this phenomenon is known as allergy or hypersensitivity reaction. Those triggers, called as allergens, can include pollen, mold, animal dander or certain foods.

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How to buy Shakeology?

In this health guide we are talkingabout losing weight. There are assortments of eating regimen shakes and pills that offer help with weight reduction. The weight reduction issue is turning out to be impossible to miss with the progression of time. Shakeology offers an eating regimen shake that will help you to decrease weight efficiently. It is not an enchantment need that in a solitary spell you easily decrease weight. No, it is not a simple fantastic arrangement. You need to make a harmony between work out, solid eating regimen and Shakeology to get the most extreme result. There is no free lunch on the planet so you need to put endeavors to get your wanted results.

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So Now Coffee Is Good for You?

For a long time, coffee drinking has been frowned upon and has often been labeled as being bad for your health by many researching around the globe. Aside from the caffeinated drinks abilities to keep your eyes open and its addictive flavor, there are many other hidden coffee health benefits that keep on being discovered.

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How to Keep Your Fridge Free Of Odor

It can be very disturbing opening your ridge to find an unidentifiable bad odor. There are many reasons that could lead to this and among them are molds growing on the door, spoilt food and many more. There are a number of ways that you can use to free your fridge of bad smell. Here is how to keep your fridge free of odor.

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How to improve your cellar supply and drinks gas management

If you run a busy bar, pub or restaurant, you will also need to effectively manage your drinks gas and other cellar supplies. Cellar management can often get slightly overlooked in the day to day running of a business and many bar owners find that stock, suppliers, space and products don’t get evaluated as often as they should. This is understandable, but it could be costing you money and you may find that your cellar management isn’t as effective as it could be.

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Pepsi post mix

here are many delicious flavours of Pepsi post mix. A nice long cool zesty lemonade on a hot day goes down well. Or you can enjoy a fiery ginger beer if you prefer a drink with a bit of a kick. Pepsi post mixes can be used with many shorts such as vodka, gin and brandy. Indian tonic water is delicious with gin in particular. If you are tee total, you can still enjoy delicious drinks without the alcohol. Orange and passion fruit drinks are especially refreshing. If you are a wine drinker and want to make the drink long and refreshing, just add a Pepsi post mix for good measure, and you will be rewarded with a cool sparkling drink with the wine losing none of its flavour. Add ice and a twist of lemon for the ultimate enjoyment.

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The extra special gluten free birthday cake

Being gluten intolerant can be a nightmare when you first start out with this food allergy especially when it comes to making things like birthday cakes or any sweet desert as nine times out of 10 they will all have flour books in today’s world we have what is called gluten free flour this has been a brilliant invention for me as I can now make my own birthday cakes some people say there are little bland but someone who suffers from gluten intolerance been able to have a birthday cake is extra special.

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