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Pineapple allergy

Pineapple allergy can lead to a rash if you touch pineapple, or if you ingest it, more symptoms can happen ranging from an upset stomach all the way up to anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is swelling of the throat and face and other list of symptoms that can NOT be taken lightly. Anaphylaxis is a medical emergency and should be sent to the hospital upon detection of this incident.

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Truffle allergy

Do You Have Truffle Allergy? How Do You Know?

Allergies may just be in form of itchiness and light discomfort. However, allergic reaction can become worse that leads to fatal health condition and even to death. If you have a very sensitive body and you have had cases of allergies, then being cautious of what you eat is very important. Food allergies are the worst allergies of all basically because they stop you from taking even just a bit of sumptuous treats. There are common foods that many people are allergic to like chicken and sea foods. There are some who are allergic to meat. Now, what if you are allergic to truffles? How do you know about it?

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